• Metal Casting

    I wanted to try my hand at casting and reclaiming metals. I started with aluminum but I hope to do bronze. I want to use the casts for art and for engineered parts as well!

January 21, 2014 - Tried some more casting. This time I utilized 3D printed objects I burnt out using a kiln. The plastic completely melted at 900F. This is good news. I will need to build a centrifuge next to get the material to completely flow and fill all of the voids.

January 19, 2014 - Today with the help of awesome friends I melted down quite bit of aluminum and cast a heart! I also tried a dragon head but sadly I only got the nose... You can that the nose in the picture!

January 12, 2014 - Got a chance to do some lost wax casting. Carved a few pieces from normal candle wax. Then I poured them into Plaster of Paris. I did try to burn the wax out but I think I did not give it enough time this time. The final pieces were not quite as nice as I would like, so I'll post pictures of the next batch!

December 29, 2013 - I finished a more permanent furnace for melting materials. I used info found on the internet and my own special flair. I'm a little worried about its size (too big) for most things but I plan to fill the bottom with lava rock to add filler and to break up the air flow.

December 22, 2013 - Pulled my first cast out of the plaster today. Check out the images of the molten aluminum and the final design. I tried to use the aluminum to melt out the 3D printed plastic and as you can see there were only limited results. I'm still very excited to see what it was able to do. The next time it will be super awesome!

December 21, 2013 - Today I got to finally try out melting and casting aluminum! The furnace I had planned to use was not ready yet so I did the poor mans method using two Terra Cotta pots instead. They are only good for one use, but they did what I needed!