• Tardis Computer

    For my girlfriend's birthday, I built a super cool Tardis computer case. She is a mega Dr. Who fan and I wanted her to have this awesome case!

September 25, 2013 - This a test Tradis Post! Its to big on the inside!

August 16, 2013 - I finished (mostly) the Tardis computer case I was working on. The hardest part was locating a good graphics card that fit in the case. Zotac makes good cards that are short enough for the case. I opened up the back and added a fan, but there still is a small thermal issue when playing intense games, so the top stays open for gaming. Otherwise, it is pretty friggen awesome!

May 20, 2013 - I took on a new project. I have an amazing person in my life who LOVES Dr. Who. Her birthday was upcoming so I decided to make her a custom computer case. The obvious choice to me was to use the Tardis as the case. I considered build from scratch, but ultimately to ensure a nice final appearance I started with the 'Tardis Wastebasket' you can find many places online. I purchased a case I felt would be easily hacked apart and away I went! You can see in the final image, the Tardis has its motherboard plat and card slot frame mounted. All of the Tardis sides will be re-installed, these images just show the inside.

February 02, 2013 - I finalized the TekScholars front panel and it is now printing. The original Nexus 7 model I found was actually slightly wrong so I had to model it myself. I'm hoping I did it correctly, but I'll know tomorrow. I especially like the mounting for the oscillloscope connectors.